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Reindeer 11,90 €                                                                         Smoked reindeer, blue cheese, marinated mushrooms  (LF)

Salmon 11,90 €
Cold smoked salmon, red onion, aioli  (LF)

Ham 11,90 €
Ham, pineapple, bbq-mayonnaise  (LF)

Vegetable 11,90 €
Tomato, mozzarella, arugula

Chicken 11,90 €
Chicken, blue cheese, pineapple

Your choice with two toppings 9,90 €

Your choice with three toppings 11,90 €

Your choice with four toppings 13,90 €


Smoked reindeer, Bacon, Tomato, Ham, Chicken, Pepperoni, Kebab, Mozzarella, Blue Cheese, Arugula, Tunafish, Tomato, Jalapeno, Cold smoked salmon, BBQ-mayonnaise, Marinated mushroom, Garlic, Red onion,  Pineapple




French fries 4 €

Fried sausages with French fries 5,50 €

Chicken file with French fries, BBQ- mayonnaise 7 €

Kebab with French fries, salad, tzatziki, jalapeño 8 €

Mozzarella sticks, French fries, vegetables, aioli 8,50 €

 Fried vendaces from Posio, aioli, salad 9 €

House burger 12,50 €
Two hamburger beef steaks (á 120g), cheddar cheese, salad, tomato, bacon, BBQ-mayonnaise, French fries

Hamburger with reindeer meat 14 €
Two hamburger beef steaks (á 120g), cheddar cheese, salad, tomato, cold smoked reindeer meat, lingonberry-mayonnaise, French fries