Á la Carte


Creamy salmon soup   10 € / 13 €
Salmon and root vegetable soup with cream and bread. (Lactose free)


Salad of the house   5 € / 7 €
Cold, smoked salmon  8 € / 12 €
Chicken  8 € / 12 €
(Milk free, gluten free)


Cheese-garlic sandwich of the house   4 €
Gratined toast with garlic oil and cheese. (Lactose free).




Barbecued beef steak   22 €
200g Roasted beef sirloin steak.
Served with country style french fries, béarnaise sauce and salad. (Gluten free).


Chicken with goat cheese  20 €
Chicken fillet gratined with goat cheese.
Served with country style french fries, roasted root vegetables and dark raspberry sauce. (Gluten free).


Sautéed reindeer with mashed potatoes   25 €
Served with mashed lingonberry and pickled cucumber. (Lactose free, gluten free).


Vendace from Posio and mashed potatoes  18 €
Served with braised onion.  (Lactose free).


Chickpea fusilli and spicy beef and bean sauce   15 €
Spicy fava bean stew. Served with chickpea fusilli and fresh vegetable. (Milk free, gluten free).




Local breadcheese poached in cinnamon cream   8 €
Served with blueberries. (Low in lactose, gluten free).


Chocolate cake of the house  8 €
erved with mango sorbet. (Lactose free).


Ice cream sundae  3 € / serving
Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla ice cream and chocolate, caramel or sprout sauce. (Low in lactose, gluten free).