Pizza & Snack

Monday-Saturday 12.00-20.30

Sunday 12.00-17.30 (20.30)

Sundays opening hours according to customer groups in house.

Pizzaoven hot every day!


Pizzas have sauce made by our chef and local smoke cheese in them.

Your choice with two toppings  9,90 €

Your choice with three toppings  11,90 €

Your choice with four toppings  13,90 €

Extra topping 2 €

Smoked reindeer, ham, bacon, tuna,  blue cheese, mozzarella, arugula, tomato, red onion, pineapple, marinated mushroom, jalapeno, garlic, BBQ –mayonnaise, chicken, coat cheese, BBQ-pulled oats, paprika, herbal oil, salmon.


Chicken pizza  11,90€
Chicken – Cherry tomato – Goat cheese


Vegetarian pizza  11,90€
BBQ- Pulled oats – Paprika – Arugula – Herbal oil


Reindeer Pizza   11,90€
Smoked reindeer – Blue cheese – Marinated mushroom


Ham pizza   11,90€
Ham – Pineapple – BBQ- Mayonnaise


Salmon pizza   11,90€
Salmon – red onion – aioli


Dips: Aioli, BBQ-mayonnaise, Blue cheese 2€/cup




Country style french fries  4 €
(Milk free, gluten free).


Chicken file with french fries  7 €
Breaded chicken filees served with country style french fries and  and BBQ-mayonnaise. (Lactose free).


Fried sausages with french fries  5,50 €
Served with country style french fries. (Milk free, gluten free).


Spicy kebab with french fries  8 €
Served with country style french fries, salad and aioli. (Lactose free).


House burger 12,50 €
Served with brioche bun, two hamburger beef steaks, cheddar cheese, salad, tomatoes, bacon, BBQ-mayonnaise and country style french fries. (Low in lactose).


Hash of arctic hill  15 €
Hash made of reindeer and cured ham. (Lactose free, gluten free).