International youth work

Youth and leisure center Pikku-Syöte has an international atmosphere! Through us you can participate in an adventure abroad or meet young people from other countries at Pikku-Syöte. We organize international camps and coordinate youth volunteer work abroad. You can also come to Pikku-Syöte for volunteer work with an international team. International experiences are memorable and you can even make lifelong friendships from them. Do you dare to try your wings? We make sure they carry!

Our international youth work is supported by Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps (ESC) projects. Camps and volunteer work are subsidized for young people (13 – 29 years old), so everyone has the opportunity to participate.

Erasmus+ youth exchanges

Young people aged 13 to 29 can participate in youth exchanges. You can gather your own group for the youth exchange or participate in a ready-made group. For the exchange, we will go to Pikku-Syöte’s partner organization in a European country for about a week, and correspondingly, foreign young people will come to Pikku-Syöte to get to know Finland. The groups are accompanied with a youth worker or other adult.

Accommodation and meals are financed on behalf of the project. Trips are reimbursed according to the Distance Calculator and a small part of the cost may remain to be paid.

Did you get interested? Contact us and tell us where you would like to go!

Iso ryhmä erimaalaisia Erasmus-opiskelijoita.

On going exchange programs

Youth exchange

Austria, 23.-29.7.2023

15 to 17 years old
6 youths together with austrians and italians + 2 adults.

Finland, 2.-9.8.2023

15 to 18 years old
10 youths together with austrians + 1-3 adults.

Lithuania, 18.-25.5.2023

15 to 21 years old
10 youths together with lithuanians and italians

Finland, January 2024

15 to 18 years old
10 youths together with lithuanians and italians.

Italy, June 2024

15 to 18 years old
together with lithuanians and italians.

European solidarity corps laatumerkki

Voluntary work, ESC

Young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 can also participate to volunteer work either as a group or individually, either to a European country or to Finland together with foreign volunteer workers. Volunteers go abroad to familiar partner organizations whose operations have been certified with the ESC quality mark, such as Pikku-Syöte has. Pikku-Syöte supports the volunteers remotely throughout the project. A volunteer work project can last from a few weeks to a year (individual volunteers). The volunteer receives a daily allowance. Travel, accommodation and meals are reimbursed on behalf of the project.

Did you get interested? Contact us and tell us where you would like to go!

On going voluntary programs

Finland, May-June 2023

Pikku-Syöte, 4 weeks, 2 persons together with austrian youths.

Finland, February 2023

Pikku-Syöte, 2 foreign volunteers, 6 months.

Finland, February 2024

Pikku-Syöte, 2 foreign volunteers, 6 months.

Youth worker mobility projects

There is also own projects and trips for Youth workers! We organize seminars and trainings at Pikku-Syöte, but we are also able to guide youth workers abroad to similar seminars or projects, which are mainly financed from the Erasmus+ fund. Seminars and trainings abroad in one’s working field bring together expertise and insight from many countries, which benefits both the employee and the entire work community.

We are planning our next international youth work seminar for October 2023.

Be in touch, we´ll tell you more!